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What to Pack for a Great British Escape

Raincoat and wrap scarf may be necessary for this years Summer Holiday

It may not be the Amalfi Coast or the French Riviera but our Great British landscape has made for a wonderful holiday destination over the last 18 months.

Nationwide, we have formed a strong appreciation for all our hidden gems. From cottage core abundance in the midlands, to the vast coastline of the south, and we mustn’t forget those lush spa induced city breaks. With a little bit of determination pared-back with fabulous prints, summer brights, and the most exquisite jewellery collection, we at Timeless and Trend, know you’ll end up with an endless supply of lust-worthy summer ensembles for your holiday. So, in the spirit of what to wear when, we have put together a little inspiration guide no matter where you are off to. Just remember, It’s the simple things in life that are always extraordinary.


The Cornwall Coast

This year why don’t you replicate all those special moments from the summer holidays, you had as a child. Cue the sun kissed cheeks and bellies filled with ice cream as you embark on your own beach holiday. Embrace all things whimsical and childlike by pairing white tones in matching skirts and shirts, and let’s not forget the espadrilles and soft layers of beaded necklaces for those cool nights out. For the day, printed two pieces and summer sandals will look effortless with rimmed shades, dainty earrings and the lovely slip dress. SPF is a must but just in case a wide-brimmed hat will also add to the trick.


The City Escape

A sun-filled holiday isn’t just for the selective sand, or sea, but you too can enjoy the city landscapes from Manchester to Bristol as your summer of fun. For a great escape, go for a bold and daring look. We’ve decided at Timeless and Trend, that more is most certainly welcomed, so select maxi dresses, paired with clashing prints and sky-high heels for those lush dinners. Block coloured onesies that can be worn all day at the spa are most certainly welcomed, they’ll also be an easy feat, for shopping on the high street and don’t forget to tie everything together with statement accessories including a wrap scarf, that can be worn in your hair or layered over a dress, to keep you warm at night.


Foraging in the Forest

With the outdoors in mind, from camping in the New Forest to driving up to the Lake District, a summertime spent among the greenery of mountains, cliffside walks and glacial ribbon lakes, requires a wardrobe of modern utility paired with cottage core. Inspired by Michael Kors and of course, the scenery of our land, tailored shorts, and linen shirting reign supreme, with chunky gold chain necklaces, and tan boots, as the perfect hiking accompaniment. Pair one-piece swimming costumes with slip skirts and delicate earrings, for that ideal lake to waterhole (The Pub) ensemble. You could always double up your linen shirt as a jacket at night when it gets cool. The return of the clog will be perfect for the hikes and will double up nicely with a wrap dress.


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